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  • Плагиат в родных краях - 2. О том, как надо общаться с нерадивыми газетами и журналами, ворующими ваши фотографии и рисунки.
    Я ему сразу на всякий случай сообщил, что я юрист и специализируюсь как раз на авторских правах. Он как-то неуверенно упомянул что-то о “большом юридическом отделе” и о “вы же понимаете, никакой компенсации суд не присудит”, на что получил мое возражение и ссылку на текущую практику. Было еще много разных аргументов, которые к праву отношения вообще не имеют.
  • Your Camera Does Matter A Rebuttal. Отлично, просто отлично. Кен Роквель нервно курит в сторонке.
    One of the hoariest of the hoary cliches is that a good photographer can take a good photograph with just about any camera. Horseshit.
  • Nude photography 101: Photographing your girlfriend. Снимаем ню: тренируемся на кошечках — на своей подруге. Кто бы мне еще рассказал, как ее уговорить.
    Portraiture is one of the most exhilarating forms of photography. It’s rewarding, exciting, challenging, and a lot of fun. But people have a way of hiding from the camera: Clothes. Nude photography is essentially portraiture sans clothing, which is what makes it such a fun topic to explore and develop as a photographer. Personally, I’m completely convinced that a photographer who starts developing their nudes also becomes a better portrait photographer.
  • The war is over. Пишут, что война между пленкой и цифрой закончена. Всем спасибо, все свободны.
    The war is over — the digital-vs.-film war, that is. And the last battle was won when the the light was dimmed.
  • Photography student posts Nikon D3 torture test videos. Если кто еще не видел эти ужасы нашего городка.
    In three separate clips, Spina, whose YouTube profile describes him as a photography student in California, is shown scraping a metal key over the D3’s rear LCD, dropping the camera from a high height (though the body isn’t clearly shown to be a D3 in this case) and - the most bizarre of all - dumping all manner of foods and liquids on it and an attached AF-S Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8G ED.
  • DIY Lens Support Bracket. Самодельная штативная лапка для тяжелых телевиков.
    I purchased a used Nikkor 70-200mm, 2.8f lens – the old style that didn’t have a tripod ring. Not wanting to spend even more money on an aftermarket ring that would interfere with the A ring, I decided to make my own. Granted, the materials cost me some change, but it is designed the way I want it, and it works. Your dimensions may vary, depending on which lens and which camera you mount it to, so I am not providing much dimension detail here.

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